M.V.HareshDr. Mekala Chandramohan,
Kowkonda (Vil)
Parkal (Mdl)
Warangal (Di)

Where do you hail from?
I’m Dr. Mekala Chandramohan, born in 1986 in Kowkonda village, Parkal mandal of Warangal dist. I hail from a schedule caste family.

Tell something about your parents.
Susheela and Komaraiah are my parents. They are very poor and work for wages in farms. I have two siblings – an elder brother and a younger sister. My parents raised us well despite several hardships.

Where and how did you undergo schooling?
I had a desire to be educated unlike my parents and my elder brother. I went to the primary school in my native village. Later my admission into Social Welfare Residential School in Jakaram was a boon to me. I studied until 10+2 there, where my teachers enlightened me about the future.

How did you happen to enter into medicine?
Observing my record, it was Dr. Bhaskar Rao, the then principal of Jakaram that encouraged and inspired me to go for medicine. He provided me books, grocery, and paid for my long-term EAMCET coaching too. Succeeding in my 2nd attempt, I secured an admission in the Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences. After MBBS in 2012, I could also secure admission in the KIMS, Trivendrum (Kerala) through All India PG Entrance Test. It was in 2015 that I took my Diploma in Cardiology from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

What are the stepping stones for your success?
Just two points here …. One was my own sheer hard work and determination; and the other is the financial support of Naadam. Initially I had taken some loan from the SBI for my MBBS and it kept chasing me for the payment of interest and the loan. I had to borrow again from financiers and clear it. With determination in plenty, I look for a donor. At this juncture it was NAADAM that came to my rescue. And that was the turning point of my life. Naadam gave me sufficient money to complete my study. Today I’m proud to be a full-fledged doctor. For its commitment, I’m deeply grateful to NAADAM.

What are your future plans?
At the moment, I’m working in Kamineni Hospital. I wish to gain experience here and await for govt. job. I wish to drive away the poverty that my parents face. My dream is to work in my own district, and render sincere service to the poor.

What’s your message to the other Naadamites?
Finding financial support is tough. Naadamites are fortunate in this regard. Live and work up to the expectations of NAADAM, and abide by the Swaeroes X Commandments.

Swathi’s Success Story

M.V.HareshG. Swathi MBBS,
Chelpur (Vil)
Ghanpur (Mdl)
Warangal (Di)

It was in 2010 - 2011 that Gyara Swathi who earned an admission into Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada approached NAADAM for financial aid.

She now narrates some of her innermost feelings at the convocation after being bestowed with a Physician’s degree.

“Born in poverty, I had no big dreams. But what I’m today is a miracle and a blessing in disguise.

I was born in Mutharam village, Warangal dist in a large family. I have five sisters and a younger brother. My parents used to labor hard for our livelihood.

I joined the Government run Social Welfare Residential School, where all was given free, and comprehended the significance of education. Working in my sister’s shoe shop, I prepared for EAMCET, and secured an admission into the renowned Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada. But what I lacked was money to pay the college fees and hostel fees.

Hearing about Dr. Praveen Kumar IPS, Secretary of TSWREIS, I went and sought his help. He then ushered me to NAADAM, and the NAADAM administration immediately sanctioned the entire amount I needed to join the college. It was an emotional moment I still cherish.

Thus I consider SWREIS and NAADAM the road to my success. Today I’m bestowed with a sanctified degree to which I shall always remain faithful and treat my patients with love and compassion.

I had no opportunity to see Dr. Devaiah, the Founder of Naadam that game me financial support until my internship. It was in Warangal that I first met him and felt his Divine Touch.”