Celebrating “NAADAM ANNUAL DAY” every year brings life and cheer to the Organization itself. It also brings all the Naadam scholars to one platform where they could encounter one another, fraternally, and share their experiences of successe and lapses. Our primary purpose in gathering them all every year is to inculcate in them a spirit of oneness and promote a sense of belongingness to the family of Naadam. The occasion becomes blissful, and momentous. Thus Naadam ensures their wellbeing at every step. 13 th and 14 th August 2017 were declared as the 5 th consecutive Naadam Annual Day this year.

The administration had invited all its 122 scholars to attend the celebrations at Warangal as the venue this year was chosen to be the campus of Patoral Centre, Fatimanagar.

Naadam will continue its practice of holding Annual Day celebrations every year involving its scholars, well-wishers, and the media. Naadam is planning to widen its services to the downtrodden and the poor masses of rural sectors with its 5Es policy.

Naadam has an agenda of various services that are to be rendered in the near future. One such major scheme is providing sound health on wheels to the rural public who can’t reach the towns or cities; apart from donating lands to schools, construction of toilets, fixing generators in rural schools, distributing plates and glasses to the hostel students, arranging tuitions to weak students, admitting rural students in residential schools and colleges, and so on.

Naadam offers its sincere thanks to one and all that cooperate in the effort of providing services to humanity selflessly.


The 4th ‘Naadam Annual Day’ has been celebrated on the 9 th October 2016 in the Telangana Social Welfare Residential School, Gowlidoddi. About sixty Naadam scholars, a few parents, and the ‘Swaeroes Committee’ members, and the teachers of the college did join the function. It was a very pleasant place and time for the scholars to converge in the same campus, from where they had successfully departed to different colleges for graduation.

Earlier the entire Naadam team gathered in the ground to hoist the NAADAM FLAG and paid their homage to Dr. Ambedkar’s portrait. Dr. Devaiah and Dr. Rudramadevi, the Pagidipati couple narrated to the audience, the reasons for having established Naadam. Dr. Devaiah’s struggles as a poor man’s son, his hardships as a student due to lack of money, and the oppressions that his community is a prey to, should end are his ultimate goal. He also mentioned the ideologies of Dr B R Ambedkar as their forerunner, which should be observed as a scale of standards.


NAADAM rolls successfully into its third Annual Day on the 28 th June 2015, the venue being the Gowlidoddi Jr. College. The first two batch of scholars that are studying in various colleges converged to meet their teachers and friends.

(Dr) Vinod Kumar, MBBS, Mamatha Medical College spoke at length, sharing his experiences. He spoke on being grateful to Naadam without which it would have been impossible for them to go to these premier colleges. He said that there were many poor students who forfeited their higher education due to lack of money.

On this occasion, Dr. Devaiah, the Founder of Naadam mentioned that he expects them to train themselves as future leaders. Dr. Rudrama Devi enquired each student on their well-being, and gave her tips of success.

Dr. Praveen Kumar IPS administered ‘Swaeroes Ten Commandments’, and asked them to adhere to it. Ten laptops were supplied to the scholars on the occasion.


The second Annual Day celebrations were held on 21 st December 2014 at the APSWR Jr. College, Gowlidoddi. This the first batch of Naadam scholars who have completed their first year study with the help of Naadam’s support, and the second batch of scholars too attended the celebrations.

Sri. Kaki Madhava Rao, Retired IAS was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He enlightened the scholars saying, ‘selfless sacrifices make one a real leader, like Dr. Devaiah’. He appreciated the dynamic partnership of Naadam with the Social Welfare Residential Schools Society of A P, and its aim to convert the poor into prosperity. Dr. Praveen Kumar, IPS and the Secretary of the Swaeroes, at length, inspired them with brilliant speech.

Drs. Devaiah and Rudrama Pagidipati narrated their success stories of life, and reminded the scholars about their responsibilities.

Ch. Rakesh Babu, IIT, Delhi; Dr. Chandra Mohan (studying Diploma in Cardiology in Trivandrum); and a few others shared their campus experiences. A few parents too spoke on the occasion thanking Naadam for carrying their financial burden.

Twelve Laptops of Dell Company costing Rs.54,000 each were presented to the scholars. The day was festive and fraternal.


NAADAM’s (National Association for Advancement of Dalits, Adivasis, and Minorities) first Annual Day has been celebrated at Hotel Golconda, Hyderabad on 10 th August 2013. Naadam’s Founders, Drs. Devaiah and Rudrama Pagidipati believe that Education alone can pave way for a better future to anyone.

Hence this first gathering has begun with providing financial support to 34 schedule caste and schedule tribe students who have secured admissions into the premier Medical and Engineering colleges (MBBS, IIT, NIT, IIIT, NIFFT) across the nation. All these students belong to the A P S W R E I S. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, through its Social Welfare Ministry has given them special coaching for JEE. They all hail from rural villages. Their parents are mere labourers that depend on daily wages. They can’t afford to meet their expenses.

The Secretary of APSWREIS, Dr. Praveen Kumar IPS, who has the similar views of Dr. Devaiah, recommended this programme. Dr. Devaiah too belongs to the same community of these students, and he knows the hardships of finding money for higher education. Being a philanthropist, he accepted the idea of educating these downtrodden students by giving them financial support.

All the 34 scholars were taken into Naadam family in the presence of the DGP, Dr. B. Prasada Rao, Dr. Praveen Kumar IPS, Naadam’s President Mr. Brij Mohan, the parents of the students, and Naadam’s core team.

Thus the first STEP has been laid which should go for long.

NAADAM-Smile Foundation Skill Development Program – NAADAM-STeP

NAADAM in partnership with the supporting partner Smile Foundation is conducting STeP (Smile Twin e-Learning Program) for empowering socially and economically backward youth from slums to become bread winners and live with social dignity. Programs target skill enhancements in the areas of computer operation, English communication and personality development and position them for employability in retail, hospitality and BPO segments.

These programs are conducted free of cost for a span of 4 months including class room training, hands on practical sessions, industry exposure visits, guest lectures from industry experts, placement opportunity.

Pradhan Manthri Suraksha Bhima Yojna (PMSBY) Insurance coverage

NAADAM organization takes up the initiative to enroll eligible and needy members of Warangal district into the Pradhan Manthri Suraksha Bhima Yojna (PMSBY). The scheme has been introduced by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri.Modiji for the benefit of rural poor who cannot afford insurance coverage. NAADAM is working in coordination with banks andensuring the benefit reaches the real beneficiaries. NAADAM is paying the total premium of Rs.12/- for the full year cover for all identified and enrolled beneficiaries.

Scheme coverage is as: He or she will get an insurance cover for a sum of Rs. 2,00,000/- (two lakh) in case of accidental death or permanent full disability or a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- (one lakh) in case of partial but permanent disability. The scheme will be valid for a year and it can be renewed every year

Food Packet Distribution

Food packets were distributed to the needy people at Nilofer, Cancer and LV Prasad hospitals. Our student volunteer Haresh took the initiative.

Women Empowerment and Livelihood

Tailoring and Embroidery centre is set up in Dharmakancha Village in Jangaon Mandal of Warangal area for the benefit of women and adolescent girls. 46 girls and women were successfully trained on Tailoring Embroidery skills.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water

An initiative to purify and supply clean and safe drinking water to villagers in the Jangaon Mandal was launched and is continuing under the self-supervision of local villagers.

Generators for powering up the schools

A group government schools in Warangal district have been provided with new generator sets to facilitate power supply during summer and other power shutdown occasions.


All the students of select government schools have been presented with steel plates to enable them to have comfortable meal in hygienic conditions.

Higher Education Support

This is one of the star programs of NAADAM. We launched this program in August 2013 to support students who got selected into premier engineering colleges like IITs, IIITs and NITs but did not have financial strength to join them. We got unconditional support from APSWD (AP Social Welfare Department) in identifying and validating eligible candidates for disbursing the fee amounts. We agreed to support the students all through their four years of course completion, with the condition that they should perform with certain minimum per cent grades.

NAADAM – NTR Trust blood donation camp

We conducted a blood donation camp along with NTR Trust and collected blood from volunteers from various companies including Anion, APSRAC, JKC etc.